Fastmule Online Backup Review

What we like about fastmule is that the service is 100% automatice after you’ve set everything up, after you’ve done working with a file, Fastmule will simply upload the file onto your backup storage folder, what we like about Fastmule is that it has one simply tariff, providing you with unlimited storage. All data is encrypted to ensure that sensative information is stored safely and securely.

Additonally Fastmule allows multiple computers to use the same account, what this means in practice is that you can use the same account to use on both your laptop and home desktop PC, and possibly even your Work computer, so when you’re done finishing your work, you can come up turn on your latop and look and view your files on your laptop while you have your tea and then for more serious work you can load up your desktop computer and fastmule will ensure that the most recent version of the files is stored in your user folder.

There’s no extra charges for premium accounts or charges for going over your file storage limit. there are no limits!