The Best Online Backup Services for You

The online backup services available today are more advanced than ever and can be accessed from any corner of the world. Some of the services have worldwide servers to provide the same speed throughout the world to upload and download files. Offline storage devices like SSD, pen drives, and PCs are not enough to access data conveniently from anywhere. That is why online backup services are useful in storing data. Furthermore, they also work as a real backup when your offline storage device gets damaged or loses data. These are several trusted online backup services available for individuals and businesses alike.

IDrive Personal

IDrive is among the top listed online backup services available today. It offers as much storage as a user wants at the best prices in the market. The upload speeds are fast, and a dedicated mobile app provides quick management functions for the users. IDrive comes with two-factor authentication that ensures that your data is safe and only accessible through you. Other features include access from unlimited devices, 10TB storage, external backups, and free disk-shipping data-transfer.

IDrive Personal


Backblaze is an affordable online backup service that provides unlimited storage for anyone with a generous drive-shipping policy. It lets the users pay for every gigabyte they need, which makes money management easier. It is the top choice for individuals who want to back up their PC. However, it does not support multiple-computer backups, and every PC will need a separate account. It is still the best option for individuals who want quick, easy, and secure online backup.

Acronis True Image

Acronis is currently accepted as the best online backup service for power users. It is originally a disk-imaging platform that comes with cloud storage. It is the best solution for backing up media files without losing any speed. It can quickly back up computers and smartphones while protecting the data with a strong antivirus. Acronis can be accessed through five computers and comes with 5TB storage.


Carbonite Safe

Carbonite Safe offers unlimited storage to its users and plenty of plans to customize the features and storage. It comes with two-factor authentication that secures the data from unauthorized breaching attempts. Up to five computers can use the cloud storage without the need to pay extra. Unfortunately, Carbonite Safe is not available for mobile users but can provide management options on smartphones. Being said that, it is not the fastest backup service available, considering the high prices of the plans.

SpiderOak One

SpiderOak One offers privacy to its users from the time no other cloud service was thinking about it. It offers an exclusive encryption key to its users, which makes the files highly accessible while being secure. It can connect to unlimited devices using the encryption key and offers 5TB of storage to its users. The two-factor authentication is available only for its legacy users. Their focus on security makes it a reliable choice. However, the complicated management tool can stress out the beginners.

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