How to Declutter Your Online Data Storage

Maintaining your data on the cloud can sometimes get stressful if you forget where you kept a file that you urgently need. Most people forget to manage their online data and throw everything quickly on the cloud without looking back until they need a file. Online data becomes important to manage in order to avoid the cluttering of valuable files. You need to take the necessary steps to make your files conveniently available. Here are the tips for decluttering your online data storage.

Create folders from the start

Whenever you open a new cloud storage account, it is suggested that you start creating folders from the start. Dumping your important files from different tasks together in one place will make it difficult for you to access your data. You can start with a folder for the completed work and the work in progress. Similarly, you can create different folders for different projects or keep folders based on dates.

Standardize folder names

 Online Data Storage

Always follow a standard process of naming your folders. For example, if you are planning to keep folders based on dates, make sure that you follow the same date format throughout to avoid getting confused. Similarly, if you want to name the projects based on the project type, make sure that each tool projects have a different folder.

Assign tags to files

You can also assign tags to the files that you keep in the same folder. When you forget to remember the file’s exact name, you can refer to the tags to narrow down your search. Tags will also help you arrange the files from different tools but with the same name. The tags can be for MSW, MSPP, PS, LR, etc.

Determine the folder structure

Sometimes, you will have folders inside the folders that can quickly get disorganized if you do not stream it down properly. Know the hierarchy of the files that you store on the cloud. When you have data that you will frequently be using, you can keep them at the front, while the data that is stored for later can be put inside a different folder. Most professionals arrange their data based on the year, followed by the events, project, or clients and then the file name.

Check the permission settings

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Ensure that only you have complete access to your files’ core settings so that no one else can disorganize your folders when you are not available. If more people can access your cloud storage, it is at risk of getting disorganized. Allow access to only those whom you can trust with your sensitive information. Teach them how you store your data, so they follow the same process to keep everything organized.

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