8 Reasons Why Online Storage Services are Better than Offline Storages

Online storage is the latest storage and backup solution that every business needs today to be safe, keep their valuable data, and manage their work online. Several online storage services are available for businesses and individuals who prefer storing data online rather than the local storage or hard drives. Here are the reasons why online storage services are better than offline storage.

Usability and accessibility

Today’s cloud services offer an easy UI for the users with tons of features, including drag and drop. The users can easily upload their files online and download them without indulging in any complex process. All that is required is a speedy internet facility.


Cloud services are known to provide data security that offline storages fail to provide unless there is an external tool used for the protection of data. Most businesses look for cloud services that can provide high security.


The most reliable cloud services use multiple levels of security to keep the user data safe.


Most of the cloud storage services offer a limited amount of free storage to their users. One can access services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox and get a minimum of 15GB of free online storage. Even the paid plans for cloud services are not that expensive for businesses with sensitive information.

Convenient sharing

Cloud storages also offer an easy sharing function that allows the users to share files directly with others through a link. However, this feature is not available with all the organizations providing cloud storage service.


Online storage services also offer a feature that allows the users to schedule an update time for the cloud to check the files on the system and upload them on a daily basis. It helps businesses to keep their work up to date.

Multiple users

Cloud services can also offer multiple user access that allows a team to store and manage their files online. Such cloud storage can be effective in businesses where multiple employees are working on a project that requires quick sharing of files. It will need authorization from an administrator that can be the manager of the team.


Multiple users

Most cloud storage services offer a sync feature to the users. You can sync multiple devices to single cloud storage and save your files in one place. With a couple of management tools, one can create an archive of multiple devices in a single storage.


Most of all, online storage does not require any physical weight that a user must carry around. Having an offline storage device of 1TB can be a significant load and space in a backpack. However, the online storage can be over 100TB without adding any weight and trouble of responsibility of keeping the storage device safe. One just requires a good internet connection to access the files from anywhere they want.

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