6 Innovative Cloud File Storage Tips

When you create online storage to store your important private or company data, you need to make sure that it has the right protection and accessibility. Saving your data online for the first time can raise some concerns about data safety. You may fear that someone else may also have access to your data. That is why you need these tips to ensure that you could file storage is completely secure.

Avoid keeping sensitive information online

If you are paranoid about someone peeking into your sensitive information, the best way to avoid such a worry is to keep your data offline. Instead, use cloud storage to store the files that you use frequently.

Avoid keeping sensitive information online

Avoid keeping documents with your account information, passwords, and contact information online. Use an encryption method to secure such data if you store it online.

Use encryption tool

Most online data storage services today offer encryption tools to secure your data with a strong password. Before you upload your data online, secure it with a good encryption method. Microsoft’s BitLocker is an example of such a tool that you can use. Make sure your password is long enough to be secure.

Enable two-factor authentication

Check whether your cloud storage provider offers two-factor authentication. If yes, enable it. Two-factor authentication will enable you to use an extra key to access your data. You will require a password and another key like an OTP every time you log in to a new device. This will help you verify your identity as only your email, or phone number will receive the OTP.

Read the terms of service

File Storage

Never forget to read the terms of service from the cloud storage provider before purchasing their tool or program. Different cloud services can request different accesses that can sometimes breach your privacy. Make sure that while allowing their terms, you do not make any compromises on your privacy. Check out multiple cloud platforms if necessary but make a wise decision in choosing one for yourself.

Use an antivirus

Use an antivirus

Having cloud storage is not enough. You also a secure PC through which you are connecting to your online storage. If your PC is not secure, chances are someone is using it and tracking all your movements. Sometimes your PC can become a reason for the loss of your data. In order to have complete security, choose a good antivirus for your system and keep it updated.

Manage your files

Manage your files

In order to avoid cluttering your important files and folders, it is important that you start managing and marking them from the beginning. Although it is possible to rearrange your data, later on, doing it from the start will save time and effort. Using your cloud storage is similar to accessing a real library. You should know where you have kept the file whenever you need to access it in an instant.

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